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College and Career Week

                                                     O'Melveny College and Career Day                                                          

                                                              February 5th to 9th 2018

      O'Melveny Elementary Common Core College and Career Week was simply outstanding! This week offered many opportunities for our student to think about the various college and career opportunities that lie ahead in their future.

      Monday February 5th, was the first day of our kick off.  We had an outdoor assembly where students were informed of all the wonderful colleges and careers  opportunities. 

      Wednesday offered our students the opportunity with a yard assembly that was provided by our School Police and Motor Unit. Students were engaged in learning about, what it takes for our school police to perform their daily duties. 

       Thursday February 8th, our guest speakers were greeted with beautiful music performed by Arietta, our live harpist. Later that morning, there was a general yard assembly that welcomed our 67 guest speakers. Guest speakers from all walk of life were invited to speak to students in all of our classrooms from grades kindergarten to fifth grade. Each grade level had 1 to 3 guest speakers. There were even guest speakers that flew in from up north just for the occasion.

        San Fernando High School Cheerleaders performed a few drills to welcome our guest speakers and our area school LAUSD Superintendent Ms. Linda Del Cueto, LAUSD School Board  Member Ms. Kelly Gonez, the Mayor of San Fernando Ms. Sylvia Ballin, and the many of guest speakers who took time out of their daily workloads, to encourage our students.

        How impressed our guest speakers were with not only our students being well behaved but, how knowledgeable they were.  There were various speakers who sent, many  kudos to our teachers, for all the  hard work that do for our  students. They were highly impressed  with their experience here at O'Melveny Elementary. 

       On Thursday, Channel 5 News Man Rick Chambers made a special visit to our grades 4th and 5th grade classes in our auditorium.  

       Friday February 9th ended our week's long activities of events by having a "Career Day Parade" where students were able to show their favorite college/university pennant, along with the San Fernando High School Cheerleading Team, cheering our student on to success! We ended our celebration with a surprise by the S.F. Fire Department demonstrating how they use their equipment to save lives.

       With special thanks, to the committee members who worked so diligently in making this week such an outstanding week. 

With special thanks to the committee members:  Mr. Vidrio, Mrs. Casas, Ms. Cortez, Ms. Gutierrez, Ms. G. Taylor, and Ms. L. Taylor for all of your hard work. Also a special thanks you to Mrs. Miscione and Mrs. Razo for their continuous effort in supporting our committee.


O'Melveny Elementary Common Core College and Career Committee