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O'Melveny Elementary has made a commitment to empower our students to become digitally creative and innovative thinkers.  Our school has invested in providing 2 computer labs, one Mac lab for the upper grades 3-5 and one PC lab for grades Pre-K to 3rd plus students with special needs.  We have funded a full time Technology Assistant to support teachers and staff as well as assist with maintaining the computer labs.  We have also funded a Technology Coordinator to assist the implementation of all our embedded technology.  The students at our school also have access to several programs that complement their learning such as Mathletics, Starfall, Waterford Reading Program, Scholastic Magazines, Mystery Science, and Edutyping. So whether your child accesses these programs in the computer labs, with our iPads, chrome books or at home, our school's focus is to continue to support your child's learning with technology.